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Behind the Wheel
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About Behind the Wheel

Behind the Wheel Instruction for obtaining your Driver’s License
If you took the driver's ed classroom thru New London-Spicer you are automatically registered for behind the wheel instruction.
If you did not take the classroom portion through NL-S you must register to be on the call list.  Contact the Community Ed Office at 320-354-1406 to find out what is needed to register.  Once you register we will call close to your 16th birthday to complete this portion of training before your driving test.   
Students who take the Classroom at NLS (automatically registered)
    **Registration Fee:  $20 (included in classroom fee) with balance of $260 when instruction starts.
  Students with certificate of completion/Non NLS Classroom Students
    **Non NLS Classroom Students Registration Fee:  $50 with balance of $300 due when instruction starts.
    **Registration Fees are Non-Refundable
 We encourage students to drive several hours per week with their parents to make them more
comfortable behind the wheel.

There are no Behind the Wheel courses available for registration.